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Pre-Professional Accelerated Science Program

The accelerated program consists of sequential eight weeklong sessions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the fall and spring semesters. The accelerated course option is offered in addition to the traditional sixteen-week format, and are common to traditional collegiate transfer programs.
The courses offered in the accelerated format are listed below. Each pair of courses can be completed in one long semester.
  • BIOL 2401 & 2402 Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • CHEM 1411 & 1412 General Chemistry I & II
  • CHEM 2423 & 2425 Organic Chemistry I & II
  • PHYS 1401 & 1402 Introductory General Physics I & II
  • PHYS 1405 & 1407 Concepts in Physics I & II
  • SCIT 1407 & 1408 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II for Nursing and Allied Health

Laboratory Science Courses

  • Laboratory sections of all science courses will accommodate a maximum of 24 students per section.  Some have a maximum of only 16. Exception cannot be made due to safety and instructional environment concerns.
  • Enrollment in the accelerated science courses is limited to students requiring both courses in the two-course sequences. In order to meet the educational needs of the maximum number of students, this office reserves the right to block registration into one course only of a two-course sequence, i.e., preference will be given to those students who require both courses in a two-course science accelerated sequence.

Science Credits

The North Lake College Math / Natural Sciences Division, which encompasses the laboratory sciences of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and SCIT has adopted the following position with the approval and full support of its administration regarding students entering this institution via transfer of previous academic credit:
  • The courses offered by North Lake College are approved by the Texas Coordinating Board as integrated lecture and laboratory courses. As such the academic credit hours reflect both the lecture and laboratory components and NLC does not transcript separate lecture and laboratory experiences as separate courses under this pattern of state approval.

  • In the same sense, for those students wishing to transfer to North Lake College from another institution whose course approval format allows for separate lecture and laboratory courses, we will not accept lecture credits separate from laboratory or laboratory credits separate from lecture. A student wishing to complete these science courses at North Lake College must enroll in the courses and fully participate in both lecture and laboratory components.
This position should be interpreted in the following manner:
  • If a student transfers the lecture or lab portion only of a science course, upon enrollment at North Lake College, he/she must fully participate in North Lake College's science course, i.e., there will be no exemption from the lecture or laboratory components of the North Lake College course.

  • If, at another institution, a student successfully passes either the lecture or laboratory portion of a course, but drops or fails the other portion, upon transfer to North Lake College, he/she must fully participate in both lecture and laboratory portions of the science course.
Additionally, the following position will be enforced:
  • All students wishing to enroll in science and math at North Lake College must have the course pre- and co-requisites. Transcripted proof of successful completion of the required prerequisite course(s) must be on file with the Admissions Office of North Lake College.

  • A student may NOT enroll in courses that run concurrently if one course is a prerequisite for the other(s). Example, Chemistry 1411 is a prerequisite for Chemistry 1412. Chemistry 1411 or 1412 may not be taken concurrently.

Biology Requirements

Biology Requirements BIOL 1406 is prerequisite for all higher-level Biology courses useful in pre-professional programs, specifically BIOL 2401 and 2402, Anatomy and Physiology, and BIOL 2420 and 2421, Microbiology for non-science major and for science majors. If you took BIOL 1406 or its equivalent more than three years ago, you are advised to enroll in BIOL 1406 prior to any other Biology course.

Physics Course Selection

Your choice of degree option from the professional school of your choice will, in all likelihood, dictate the Physics course selection taken at North Lake College. Students who intend to seek professional licensure in a state other than Texas, should consult that state's licensure board for specific requirements.
If you wish to earn the Bachelor of Science degree, you are required to take Physics 1401 and 1402, algebra-based General Physics. Your successful completion of College Algebra prior to entering the two Physics courses is presumed. 

For most other degrees, Conceptual Physics, PHYS 1405 and 1407 will satisfy the requirements.