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Pre-Pharmacy Program

Interested in a career in pharmacy? North Lake College can help you meet the prerequisites for admission to pharmacy schools in our area, and we can provide the education and experiences you need to achieve success.

Why choose a career in pharmacy?

The pharmacist is a primary source of health information. For most Americans, the pharmacy is often the first place patients go to with their questions about medicine and medical care. A career in pharmacy will provide:
  • Opportunities to help others
  • A satisfying career as a healthcare provider
  • Financial rewards (new graduate salaries can be as much as $100,000)
  • A continually thriving job market
  • A lifelong career

Career opportunities for the pharmacist

  • Community: retail distribution of medications, large retail chains or privately owned stores
  • Consulting: providing expert advice in various areas; e.g., Medicaid pharmacy, legal expert
  • Academia: teaching at a school of pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or allied health
  • Industry: manufacturing prescription or no prescription drugs, sales, product formulation, biomedical research and development
  • Regulatory: regulate the use and distribution of drugs, for example with the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Food and Drug Administration
  • Institution: local, state, and federal government affiliate or private hospitals

Pre-pharmacy program at North Lake College

The prerequisites for admission for most of the pharmacy schools in Texas and Oklahoma consist of two years of college credit courses including courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and general education. The completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree is not a requirement, nor is it seen as a particular advantage. Studies done by a local college of pharmacy indicated no significant difference in the success of two-year college graduates and four-year college graduates in the field.
The pre-pharmacy program at North Lake College offers all the pre-professional course requirements to area pharmacy schools, and provides advising to prospective students considering pharmacy as a career choice.