Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Here's What Our Students Are Saying

North Lake's math and science programs have gotten some great feedback from students. Here are a few select quotations from NLC alumni:

“I came to North Lake in 2007 and all I knew was that I wanted to learn. My intentions were to pursue a nursing degree, but as I began taking science courses: biology, chemistry, microbiology, I found myself falling in love with science!... The professors create such a positive environment at the SLC; the determination they show in their own personal educational endeavors, as well as those of their students has inspired me to push my own limits and strive for no less than the best. I have taken many science courses at North Lake and have always found my professors to truly care about my successes.” – Mikaela W.

“After transferring to the University of Denver it became clear that my background in biology, chemistry, and physics not only met but often times exceeded that of my peers. I attribute my strong base of knowledge to the amazing professors at North Lake College. The Science Learning Center—an excellent resource that the University of Denver does not have—played an integral role in developing my love for science.” – Terry B.
“I wanted to congratulate you on having such capable faculty in the Natural Sciences Department of North Lake College. I had returned to college in spring of 2011 after 10 years of absence from the world of academia. With the support of such amazing faculty, I now am enrolled in a Master of Science Program and am a competitive dental school applicant for the upcoming cycle. So I congratulate you and thank you for finding such jewels and I hope for an opportunity to honor such talents in the near future.” – Alexander S.

“I am very happy to let you know that my search for a nursing school is over. I was accepted to Johns Hopkins! Words cannot express my gratitude for your help and your patience in this whole process. I know I've shared with you how long I struggled with chemistry before, and I am so relieved to be moving on to a nursing program with a strong base in science. I cannot thank you enough for your integral participation in my acceptance.” – V.

“My whole life I wanted to be a doctor but never got the chance or had someone give me confidence. Chemistry was actually my worst subject in Trinidad. My parents never believed in me. But you have shown me that everyone, not just boys, have a right to education. You actually gave me confidence to apply to Medical School. Thank you for believing in your students.” – Amirah M.

“The opportunity to explore biology, botany, and ecology with the Hawaiian Islands as a laboratory was a learning experience that has gone unmatched during my entire academic career. The course was the best investment I made during my time at North Lake College.” – Terry B.
“I am writing because you guys not only taught me well, but also gave me the extra push to be where I am right now. I am currently attending the University of Oklahoma and studying to be a Doctor of Pharmacy. May you never cease to change people’s lives like you did mine.” – Gladys M.
“I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and dedication in preparing not only myself, but countless others for productive, fulfilling careers in a very competitive job market. I began my journey in 2005, attending North Lake College to complete the prerequisite courses for the Radiological Technology program offered at Brookhaven College…. I have been working at Methodist Dallas Medical Center for 5 years now, starting as a diagnostic radiologic technologist, eventually being promoted to an administrative position. My success story is a DCCCD success story; without the expert guidance and genuine passion of educators like North Lake’s, students would be at a great disadvantage in such a competitive job market.” – Randall T.