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A+ Certification

The A+ Certification testing program is an internationally recognized credential that certifies the competency of service technicians in the computer industry. Major computer hardware and software vendors, distributors, resellers and publications support the A+ test, which is sponsored by CompTIA. A+ will provide you the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete A+ certification testing. This program also will give you a solid platform in the technology field to pursue more advanced computer related courses such as MCSE certifications. A+ courses are taught in a hands-on environment.
You will need to take two classes to be prepared for both sections of the A+ exam: ITSC 1425 and ITSC 1405. In the first 8-week session, class will cover the hardware portion of the program. The second 8-week session includes the software portion of the program​.

Complete Your Certification Online

We offer both A+ Practical (ITSC-1405-INET) and A+ Essentials (ITSC-1425-INET) online. Online students use training videos, online lessons, demonstrations, and virtualized lab simulations to gain hands-on experience. After completing both A+ Practical and Essentials online, students can take the TestOut PC Pro certification exam. The cost of the exam is included in the North Lake College course fee.

TestOut PC Pro Certification

The TestOut PC Pro certification is an industry certification that measures the students ability to install, diagnose, troubleshoot and maintain PC hardware and software as a technician. Students who complete A+ Essentials online (ITSC-1425-INET) and A+ Practical Application online (ITSC-1405-INET) can take the TestOut PC Pro certification. After passing the test (proctored online), the student will receive a certificate through the mail. The cost of the exam is included in the course fee.

Taking the A+ CompTIA Tests 

​The only requirement for taking either of the tests is payment of the test fee. The test modules may be retaken at any time. Visit this website to find testing centers.​ Learn more about the positive impact CompTIA certification can have on your Information Technology career​.

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