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Computer Science

Speak the language, land the job

Computer programming languages, like everything else in the Information Age, are evolutionary. In the past few years, a virtual renaissance in programming languages has been underway. Many existing functional languages have been enhanced with new features, while new languages have emerged along with new applications. Programmers and developers who know these languages and can support the information processing function of an organization are valuable assets, especially as business and industry strives to integrate operations and databases to gain competitive advantages. North Lake offers both a one-year certificate and two-year Associate Degree in computer programming.

Certificate for software programmer/developer assistant

After you complete the programmer certificate program, you will be qualified to work as an assistant in a programming environment.
Before you can begin the certificate program, you must have a basic understanding of problem solving and logic structures used with computers. If you successfully completed the application problem solving course (ITSC 2435), or have equivalent experience approved by a technology faculty member, you may be qualified to begin the course work.