What is UNIX? 

An interactive operating system developed at Bell Labs. This is the first operating system that was developed as a portable system. This allows Unix to be used as an operating system on almost any kind of computer. For example, we have Unix operating systems for PCs, Macintoshes, Suns, and even IBM mainframes. TCP/IP was built into Unix even in its early days; the Internet was originally intended to connect different Unix systems into a network.

UNIX, Sun Microsystems, and North Lake College

The evolution of technology is a collaborative effort. The best hardware and software manufacturers engage in an ongoing dialogue with their product users. The livelier the information exchange, the more robust the technology.
North Lake partners with Sun Microsystems to provide the international community of UNIX instructors with the means to exchange information. North Lake and Sun created a Web-based portal, the Community Resource and Instructor Support Program, to establish an on-line community where anyone learning or teaching UNIX can go for help and resources. It currently serves 131 countries. As a result of the partnership with Sun, North Lake students learn in a state of the art lab with equipment and software donated by Sun.
Times and tactics change, technology evolves, but our job remains the same - to stay ahead of the game so we can teach what you need to learn.

Learn to manage one of the world’s most functional operating systems

The UNIX operating system was developed by programmers for programmers over 30 years ago. Today it is widely used by business and industry, academia and the sciences because its flexible architecture is known for its reliability and adaptability. UNIX is used everywhere — from desktops to supercomputers. It is the backbone for more than 80 percent of today’s Web servers.
The Linux and Solaris operating systems are examples of the UNIX operating system. Industry analysts predict these two UNIX-derived operating systems will capture a substantial segment of the scientific and technical computing market over the next five years due to their low cost, stability and open-source code.

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North Lake College provides the education you need to become a certified UNIX systems administrator. North Lake offers the most sought after technical education at the most competitive prices in the DFW area, whether you pursue a stand-alone technical certification, a one-year certificate program or an Associate Degree.​

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