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FAQS for Competency Based Instruction

How are CBE classes developed?

Classes that offer competency based instruction are developed with the industry needs in mind. Faculty from the colleges of DCCCD partner with industry professionals from across Dallas County to identify competencies – skills and abilities – essential for today’s workforce. These skill sets are then taught in class and, if it is a class offering competency based instruction, students are continually “assessed” to see what competencies they've mastered. Once you've mastered all the required competencies necessary for your program, you will receive a certificate. This certificate proves to yourself, and to future employees, you have what it takes to succeed in that industry or area.

What are assessments?

We know learning can happen in many different ways, not just the classroom!  With competency based instruction, assessments allow your professor to find out what competencies you may already have and which ones still need work. 

Each lesson begins with a pre-assessment. If needed you (the student) can move into the course content to brush up on the subject matter before taking the mastery assessment. Once the mastery assessment is passed at 80% or higher, you can move on to the next competency. No need to wait on slower classmates or keep the slow 16 week pace of typical instructors. You can accelerate to completion at your own speed! 

When you pass an assessment, you demonstrate what you know to employers seeking your skill set.

How long does it take to earn a certificate?

If we are talking about a certificate that offers competency based instruction, like the online Supervisor Certificate or the online Retail Management certificate, this depends on your prior knowledge and experience, and how many classes you enroll in per semester. Speak with the program coordinator to get an accurate estimate of how long the certificate program will take you.

When can I start?

Check out our registration page for a listing of upcoming dates and deadlines. We offer fall, winter, spring and summer class options.

What will it cost?

At the colleges of DCCCD, you get a university-quality education for a quarter of the cost. Get detailed information about tuition and more

Need more information about competency based instruction? Contact a program advisor at 972-669-6400. You can also email (for the Fast Track Supervisor Certificate program) or (for the Fast Track Retail Management Certificate).