Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time and employees are working remotely.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The online graduation ceremony celebrates your achievement with you being recognized by the college, community members, family and friends. It will be fun and unique in many ways and the information below might be helpful for your preparations. 

What is a virtual commencement and why did DCCCD make the decision to do this? 

A virtual commencement will allow us to congratulate and honor the commitment and hard work of our students even though we are unable to gather in-person this year.  

What is the meaning behind the theme “Making History 2020”? 

This year’s graduating classes overcame the unprecedented and sudden move to 100% online learning. The 2020 graduates will also be the final students graduating from our individual colleges as we transition to Dallas College in July.  

What is the difference between commencement and graduation? 

Commencement is the ceremony that is held at the end of the Spring semester in May. This ceremony celebrates the achievement of the degree, and graduates are recognized by the college, community members, family and friends. 

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree. All students wishing to graduate should have submitted a Degree Plan Request Form prior to the end of their final semester. After submitting this request form, the college determines if you have met all of your degree requirements. 

Am I considered a graduate, if I participate in commencement? 

No. You must complete the coursework and hours necessary to be considered a graduate from your college. Your participation or attendance at the June 13 virtual commencement does not mean that you have completed your degree requirements.  

Am I eligible to participate in commencement on June 13? 

As long as you are six credit hours or less away from completing your degree/certificate (by the end of the spring semester), you are eligible to participate in virtual commencement on June 13.

Is it too late to apply for graduation? 

The application for Spring 2020 graduation is now closed. After you submitted your application for graduation, and it was accepted, your college sent you a confirmation email to say the application was accepted.

Will the virtual commencement also include Fall 2019 graduates? 

Yes, the Spring commencement celebration is to celebrate our Fall graduates too! 

Is there any cost to participate? 

There is no cost to participate in the “Making History 2020” virtual commencement on June 13, 2020.  

Am I required to wear a cap and gown? How do I get them?  

Your college is providing you with a free cap, gown and tassel upon request (it is optional). Visit to complete your request form. Please request your items by May 22 to give us time to give Follett time to ship to your home by June 13. 

How do I know if I am signed up for free graduation regalia? 

You receive an email copy (receipt) of your request form for graduation regalia (cap, gown and tassel) from Google Forms. This receipt is emailed after you visit and submit a Class of 2020 RSVP form. 

What is the proper way to wear my cap and tassel? 

The flat part of the cap should be level and parallel to the ceiling and not tipped to the back or the side. The crown of the cap should sit approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows and about 1-1.5 inches above each ear. Bobby pins can be used to keep the cap in place. Before the ceremony, the tassel hangs off the right front side of the cap. When the degree/certificate is officially conferred, graduates will move their tassels to the left. 

How can I invite my friends and family to the virtual commencement? 

Share the celebration website to invite your friends and family: The video will go live on the website June 13 through YouTube.

Will a recording of the commencement be available after graduation for friends and family who were unavailable on June 13? 

Yes, the entire ceremony will be recorded and available after the event. We’ll post a link when it is ready at

Will my name be said/shown at all DCCCD virtual graduations, or just at my college’s? In what order will the names be said/shown? 

Your name will be shown at your college graduation. It will be listed with the program you are graduating from, in alphabetical order. The names will not be read out loud during the virtual commencement. 

Will there be a sign language interpreter? Captions?  

A sign language interpreter will be part of our virtual commencement to ensure everyone can enjoy the ceremony today. YouTube Live also offers closed captioning for virtual commencement. 


When and where will I receive my diploma? Can I have it sent to an alternate address? 

Your diploma will be mailed to the mailing address your college has on file in eConnect. To update your mailing address, visit Click the “Credit Student Menu” and log into eConnect with your student ID and password. Finally, click the “Update My Address” link (located under My Personal Info). Please note, this will only update your mailing address and will not change your address of residence or tuition rate. If you need to update your residency, please contact the Admissions/Registrar's Office on your campus for further instructions. 

Can I get a copy of the commencement program? 

Yes, you can download a digital program on June 13 at Your college will mail you an official, printed program later this summer. They will also mail diplomas this summer, separately.  

Is it true that DCCCD is giving grads free college swag later this summer? How do I get it? 

Yes, it is true! Your free swag box will be mailed to you later this summer. It will include swag from the college you received your diploma/graduated from. We are still finalizing the details and will provide more information in the coming weeks. 

Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

On May 21 students eligible for graduation received a text from DCCCD about graduation. You can reply to that text with questions or email This information is also available on the Contact Us page of the website. 

Where can I buy college swag for a graduate I know (or myself)? 

You can shop for official DCCCD and college merchandise at Get your individual college gear while you still can! 

Are graduates photos or videos being shared? 

To submit your photos and short videos (15-20 second) videos to DCCCD marketing, visit this link to upload your pictures and videos by Thursday, May 28, at noon. Who knows, your submission may even be featured at June 13 virtual graduation! You can also use #dcccd.

Is there an official hashtag for graduation? 

While the colleges each have their own hashtags, you’ll see a lot of students using #DCCCD and #DCCCDGrad. We look forward to seeing your graduation stories! 

Are the early college high school students included in virtual commencement?

Yes, absolutely. If you are an early college high school student who is receiving a certificate or degree from one of the colleges of DCCCD, you will be included in virtual commencement.