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Staff - Range N05

Job Description Listing

Effective September, 2017  

Salary Range for N05
Job Names with links to actual job description
JTCJob Title
T10 Accountant (PDF - 178KB)
CY8 Accounts Sales Representative (PDF - 222KB)
TALApplication Support Specialist II (PDF - 220KB)E
CQ1 Assistant Director, Business Office (PDF - 179KB)E
GAG Assistant Director, College Community Campus (PDF - 19KB)E
​CTSAssistive Technology Specialist (PDF - 227KB)​E
CQN Associate Registrar (PDF - 141KB)E
CG3 Auxiliary Business Services Assistant (PDF - 209KB)E
TM1 Cable/Broadcast Television Producer (PDF - 209KB)E
TAPCataloging & Metadata Librarian (PDF - 187KB)E
CI3 Circulation Supervisor, Library (PDF - 209KB)E
CU6 Clinical Coordinator - Emergency Medical Services Program (PDF - 214KB)E
CT5 College Athletic Program Coordinator (PDF - 211KB)E
CPW College Coordinator Instructional Support Services (PDF - 175KB)E
CS0 College Financial Manager (PDF - 152KB)E
CQ3 College Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator (PDF - 215KB)E
CN9 College Rising Star Program Coordinator (PDF - 211KB)E
DAG Coordinator, Academic Programs (PDF - 214KB)E
GAE Coordinator, Alumni & Donor Relations (PDF - 214KB)E
TV2 Coordinator, Continuing Education & Workforce Development (PDF - 214KB)E
TU1 Coordinator, Evening & Weekend Instruction (PDF - 210KB)E
TT4 Coordinator, Grants Management & Compliance (PDF - 212KB)E
​CO4 ​DFW Education Center Facilities Coordinator (PDF - 218KB)​E
​TXLData Analyst (PDF - 217KB)​E
TAF Database Administrator I (PDF - 212KB)E
DAL District Coordinator, Student Programs (PDF - 214KB)E
​CTMDistrict Financial Aid Coordinator (PDF - 215KB)​E
TAOEnd-User Computer Manager (PDF - 238KB)E
CCY Facilities Design Specialist (PDF - 110KB)E
GAA Financial Analyst (PDF - 214KB)E
C14 Gallery Manager (PDF - 212KB)E
CS2 GED Chief Examiner (PDF - 210KB)E
​DAFGrant Compliance Specialist (PDF - 237KB)​E
CO3 Grant Program Coordinator (PDF - 214KB)E
​TAR Help Desk Support Specialist Team Leader​ (PDF - 187KB)​E
EAQ Honors Program Coordinator (PDF - 214KB)E
CQJ Human Resources Generalist (PDF - 115KB)N
TMB Information Technology Access Coordinator (PDF - 15KB)E
CDS Instructional Specialist - Teaching (PDF - 145KB)E
CJG Instructional Support Service Manager (PDF - 214KB)E
CPY Instructional Technical Support Coordinator (PDF - 212KB)E
CQP Interpreter (PDF - 152KB)N
T07 Landscape Services Supervisor (PDF - 157KB)E
TC6 Legal Assistant (PDF - 128KB)N
CDF Librarian (PDF - 165KB)E
CAN Manager, Instructional Support Services (PDF - 214KB)E
TK5 Manager, Library Circulation (PDF - 214KB)E
CJC Manager, Multimedia Production (PDF - 211KB)E
CX0 Manager, Partner Alliances (PDF - 209KB)E
P78 Master Electrician (PDF - 213KB)N
TN5 Master Plumber (PDF - 217KB)N
​TDQNetwork Administrator I (PDF - 217KB)​E
TCJ​Network Infrastructure Technician (PDF - 185KB)​N
TCVNetwork & Voice Communications Technician (PDF - 228KB)N
​TCLNetwork Support Specialist II (PDF - 221KB)​E
CJL News Writer (PDF - 210KB)
EAS North Texas SBDC (State Office) Database and Research Manager (PDF - 145KB)
Nurse (PDF - 149KB)
TPW Post Production Systems Specialist (PDF - 210KB)E
​CTWProcurement Contract Administrator (PDF  212KB)​E
​TOCProgrammer/Analyst II (PDF - 221KB)​E
CQD Prospect Researcher (PDF - 138KD)E
CO2 Publications Manager (PDF - 210KB)E
GAD Purchasing Manager (PDF - 217KB)E
​TCP Quality Assurance Specialist I (PDF - 218KB)​​E
CQE Report Developer (PDF - 139KB)E
​CTRResearch Analyst (PDF - 214KB) ​E
TTP Rich Media Developer/Producer (PDF - 210KB)E
CAW Richland Collegiate High School Attendance Coordinator (PDF - 21KB)E
CAX Richland Collegiate High School Response to Intervention Coordinator (PDF - 18KB)E
GAM Scholarship System Coordinator (PDF - 156KB)E
CDY Senior Administrative Assistant (PDF - 221KB)N
CQL Senior Buyer (PDF - 143KB)E
CX5 Senior College Degree Audit Specialists (PDF - 214KB)E
​CTJSenior Degree Audit Specialist (PDF - 217KB)​E
TAG Senior Digital Editor/Writer (PDF - 217KB)E
CDQ Senior Graphic Designer (PDF - 145KB)E
CV7 Senior Head Athletic Coach (PDF - 210KB)E
TJ5 Senior Program Development Specialist (PDF - 219KB)E
CY9 Senior Project Manager - Outreach, Recruitment & Community Engagement (PDF - 217KB)E
​GAISenior Ranch Manager/Herdsman (PDF - 220KB)​E
CK7 Senior Rehabilitation Specialist (PDF - 157KB)E
TDRSenior Web Content Specialist (PDF - 185KB)E
​TCRService Desk Analyst III (PDF - 205KB)​N
DAJ Small Business Advisor (PDF - 216KB)E
​TSHSoftware/Systems Trainer II (PDF - 196KB)​E
CF3 Special Assistant to the Vice President (PDF - 212KB)E
CDV Specialist (PDF - 138KB) E
DAA Student Tracking and Reporting Manager (PDF - 210KB)E
​TAVSystem Analyst (PDF - 185KB)E​
​TDU System Support Specialist III (PDF - 223KB)​E
CCD Talent Central, Program Development Manager (PDF - 133KB)E
TR9 Team Leader, Educational Resources Services (PDF - 216KB)E
​CF2 Tech Prep Program Specialist (PDF - 207KB)E​
TDW​Telecommunications Specialist (PDF - 238KB)​E
CQR Web Content Designer (PDF - 209KB)E
TXB Web Developer/Programmer II (PDF - 208KB)E
​TDXWeb Writer/Editor (PDF - 220KB) ​E