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Theresa Roffino

Theresa Roffino

Theresa’s DCCCD career began in 1980 at the District Office of Resource Development, and she survived every chancellor employed by the district. She worked with colleagues across the DCCCD exploring grant opportunities for projects to improve services for students. In 1996, she became Director of Development at the Bill J. Priest Center (BJP) where she was instrumental in expanding the Center’s external funding. From 2001-2008, Theresa served as R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications’ (LCET) first Director of Resource Development and from 2008-2015 as Dean of Distance Learning Planning and Development. With expanded resource development emphasis in the district and the increased role of professional colleagues, grant funding supporting instruction and student success increased from $4M in 1984-85 to $35M in 1995-96, representing 29% of DCCCD’s revenue.

Theresa mentored many new resource development professionals at community colleges across the country through the Resource Development Specialist program at the Council for Resource Development earning her its Lifetime Achievement Award. Since her retirement, Theresa is a part-time employee serving as needed at district locations and the DCCCD Foundation office supporting district-wide proposals. Theresa volunteers with her church, the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe Catholic Church, serving on committees, organizing activities and participating in services. With her husband David Canine, they enjoy traveling and watching grandsons Luke and Paul and a soon to be the third grandchild.