Driving and Parking Guidelines

Speed Limits

The speed limit on college roadways is 20 mph. In parking lots, it is 10 mph.


If a motor vehicle accident occurs on the campus, contact North Lake College Police immediately (911 from a campus phone, 972-860-4290 from your cell). The Police Department will dispatch emergency responders to investigate the accident.

Parking Decals

Parking decals are required for all students, faculty, and staff members. Parking decals assist the police in identifying the driver of your car in the event of an emergency, accident, etc.

Parking decals are free. Complete a Vehicle Registration Card in the Student Resource Center or fill out the Application for Parking Permit and bring it in along with your photo ID, vehicle information, including license plate number, when you come to register.

Parking Decals are issued in the Student Resource Center in L240 or at the Police Offices in C204.

Parking Areas

Most of North Lake College's parking lots are available to all students, faculty, and staff. Parking for the disabled are available in designated areas throughout the college parking lots. Vehicles parking in these spaces must clearly display the appropriate placards, decals or license plates. There is a staff parking lot where staff tags must be displayed.

Parking Violations and Citations

Campus citations or the City of Irving citations may be issued for violations of college parking guidelines. The campus police issue citations for violation of college parking policies.