Reporting a Crime

All offenses occurring on campus should be reported and, upon notification, an officer will respond to investigate. All reported incidents will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner.

Always report if you are injured or if you have been exposed to blood.

When To File A Report

You should file a police report if you are a victim or have knowledge of the following:
  • Stolen articles, either taken from you personally or missing from your work area. You should consider an article stolen if you have made an extensive search and cannot locate the item. The value of an item should not be a factor in deciding whether it should be reported.
  • Vandalism
  • Verbal abuse or threats
  • Drug possession or use
  • Physical assault
  • Traffic accidents or violations, hit-and-run incidents, speeding
It's also important to report the following:
  • Fire or electrical hazards
  • Trip hazards
  • Parking hazards
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting inoperative
  • Suspicious activity
  • Disruptive students
  • Locked or malfunctioning doors

How to Report an Emergency or Criminal Activity

  • To contact the NLC police department by phone, dial 911 from a campus phone or 972-860-4290 from your cell phone.
  • Report crimes online anonymously using the online criminal activity report form.
  • Visit the NLC Police Office located in C204 on the Central Campus, in N100M on the North Campus, I1105 for the South Campus, and in room 103 on the West Campus.
  • Speak with a uniformed campus police officer or other campus official.
The College Police Department is responsible for reporting, investigating and disseminating information on all incidents, injuries and emergency situations to the appropriate college administrator, or to outside agencies, when required.
In an Emergency, Call 911

Need to report an incident or observation? Please use the Online Report Form.