Fitness Center

The North Lake College Fitness Center is the perfect place to get in shape year 'round, both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with a full line of weight machines, free weights, Stairmasters, treadmills and programmable stationary cycles, the Fitness Center is fully equipped to provide for your physical conditioning needs regardless of your fitness level. When you prefer to exercise outdoors, you can take advantage of Lakeview Trail, our half-mile walking/jogging trail with adjacent parcours.

You must be 18 years of age or a credit North Lake student to participate. Registration is available on an individual basis for a full three-month period of access through Career and Community Education regardless of when you register. The Fitness Center staff will monitor your access period and let you know when it's time to renew your membership.


​​​​The following price structure is for currently enrolled students (credit and non-credit), not enrolled in a PE course but wanting to access the Fitness Center: 
  • Senior citizens 65/older can purchase a year's membership for $22.
  • Students who are not currently enrolled in a NLC PE course can purchase a semester pass for $25.
  • Community members can purchase a semester pass for $50.


It is always advisable to check with your physician before beginning an exercise program. If you are over 40, smoke, have high blood pressure or other chronic disease or family history of heart disease, have had recent surgery or physical limitations, it is mandatory you consult a physician before enrolling.

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