Counseling Services Support Groups

Groups provide a place for members to learn about themselves, to work on personal problems and to learn methods of relating to others effectively. 
New Groups coming soon.

Ground Rules

The group sessions are confidential. Group members are not to disclose the contents of the group sessions nor to reveal the identity of the members to others outside of the group. While we at NLC Counseling Services cannot provide an absolute guarantee of confidentiality in group, experience shows that group members respect each others privacy just as they respect their own.
All prospective group members are required to attend a pre-group screening session. This session is a brief orientation meeting with a group leader to:
  1. Provide information about the group.
  2. Ask specific questions about the group.
  3. Decide if group counseling is the best way to work on your concerns.
  4. Review and sign a group counseling agreement.