Tutorial Services

North Lake provides free, convenient tutoring for a wide range of subjects. Instructional labs in a variety of disciplines are located throughout the campus. A diverse staff of trained, certified tutors is available to help North Lake students achieve their academic goals.

Math Learning Centers

The Math Tutoring Centers provide quiet study areas with study support materials, and free tutoring to students enrolled in North Lake mathematics courses. The Math Learning Center, located in C211, is for students currently enrolled in any North Lake mathematics course, while the Math Success Center, located in C207, is for students currently enrolled in North Lake DMAT or College Algebra (MATH 1314) courses.​

Science Learning Center

Located in P333, the Science Learning Center provides a quiet study area, study support materials, and free tutoring to students currently enrolled in science courses. Call 972-273-3273 for more information.

Academic Skills Center

Located in A332, the Academic Skills Center (ASC) houses the Blazer Internet Lounge, ESL Lab, Foreign Language Lab, Reading Lab and Writing Center. This collaborative approach is designed to help students develop and improve writing and language skills. Call 972-273-3089 for more information.
  • Writing Center
    The North Lake College Writing Center supports and supplements your classroom instruction by providing focused, individualized writing instruction geared to your needs.
  • ESL Computer Lab
  • Online Writing Lab
    The Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers information and online tutoring to all North Lake students, faculty and staff.
  • Foreign Language Lab
    The Foreign Language Laboratory is reserved for credit students who are currently enrolled to study a foreign language, providing a lab tailored to their needs.

Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center in L240 provides free peer tutoring services in the following areas: Accounting, C++, Computer Literacy, and Economics. Call 972-860-3932 for more information.