Probation Policies

If you are placed on scholastic probation, your advisor can help you develop a plan to raise your GPA. Read the catalog for more information about scholastic probation/suspension.

Academic probation

Acceptable scholastic performance, also known as Good Standing, is based on grade point average (GPA). Semester GPA and GPA (1) determine academic standing and are computed at the end of each semester. A student is placed on academic probation when their GPA is below 2.0.

Summer & Fall 2019 Probation Registration

Students on academic probation must register and drop courses in person with an academic advisor.  Current students on Probation 1, 2, 3 must be registered before the start date of each course.  There is no late registration.

May and Winter term(s) are approved on a case by case basis for students who are on academic probation.  Meet with an academic advisor for further information.

Students will be seen on a first come, first served basis at the Academic Advising Office (A415). View the Advising Office's hours, and plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the office closes.

Transfer-In Students

Students who have newly transferred to NLC will enroll under the academic standing of Probation 1. All NLC academic standing policies apply and all transcripts from your previous institution are required before registration.

Academic Suspension/Dismissal/Indefinite Dismissal

If you are on Suspension and have not completed the mandatory one (1) semester sit-out period, you will not be eligible for the current registration term. If you are on Dismissal or Indefinite Dismissal and have not completed the mandatory 12-month sit-out period, you will not be eligible for the current registration term. However, you may still meet with an advisor to discuss future educational planning.

Students returning from Academic Suspension/Dismissal/Indefinite Dismissal will be restricted in course selection and total number of credit hours. 

Students returning from Suspension/Dismissal/Indefinite Dismissal must be registered by the following deadlines. There is no late registration.

Academic Suspension/Dismissal/Indefinite Dismissal Registration Deadlines

Summer I 2019: May 31

Summer II 2019: June 28

Fall 2019: August 16