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Krystal Holliday

Only 3% of foster care children graduate college. In May 2015 Krystal Holliday joined the lucky few. 

“Statistically, I’m supposed to fail,” Krystal said. “I’m going against all the odds. But I know that my story isn’t finished.” 

A 2015 graduate of North Lake College, Krystal’s story is not glamorous. A native of West Dallas, Krystal grew up in the housing projects. She saw drugs, she knew prostitutes, and she believed that it all was part of normal life. That was until age 11, when the State of Texas placed Krystal in a group home through Buckner Family Services. She would remain in the foster care system until age 18, constantly moving from group home to group home. 

“I remember praying, a lot. I remember God being an anchor, still is. And that’s when I first started writing.” 

Writing It All Down 

Using writing as an outlet to journal and process what was going on around her, Krystal soon discovered writing could also be a vehicle for change. “I’ve discovered my writing and my story, it can help others. I want to turn my past into a positive thing.” 

In March 2015, Krystal published her second book of poetry, titled “Broken Butterflies.” It is dedicated to her family, many of whom have turned misfortune into means of good, including Krystal’s uncle, who turned away from drugs after addiction killed Krystal’s mother. He is now serving his community as a church pastor. 

Finding Support 

Krystal credits the TRiO program at North Lake College for helping her complete her college degree. TRiO provides support services to students who are traditionally under-represented in post-secondary education, including first generation college students and students with economic needs. Through TRiO, Krystal received one-on-one academic advising and mentoring.  

Krystal also credits finding affordable housing as an essential step in finishing her degree. When she first began classes at North Lake College, she was living in her car with her dog. 

To help other students in need, Krystal teamed up with ENACTUS. The student club is part of an international organization that works with local business leaders to mobilize students to make a difference in their communities. The North Lake ENACTUS team outreach project is working to provide affordable housing for low-income students. 

Planning for the Future 

Krystal plans to one day start her own group home for foster care youth. If you ask her when she hopes to open her doors, she will correct you with an air of confidence and enthusiasm. 

“It’s not I hope. I will start a group home. After I finish my degrees.” 

Krystal received her Associate of Arts degree from North Lake College in May 2015. From there, she transferred to UNT Denton to earn her Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric and minor in Technological Writing. Her set graduation date is May 2018, but she is taking summer classes in hopes of graduating by May 2017.