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Ceremony Do's and Don'ts

How should I prepare for the event?

DO:  Place your gown on a hanger immediately.

DON'T:  Put gown in a hot dryer or try to iron it.

For wrinkles, try placing your gown in the bathroom while showering, so the steam can help remove creases or wrinkles.

DO:  Plan accordingly for traffic to ensure you arrive for check-in no later than 6:40 p.m., which is when we will begin lining graduates up for the procession into the arena. You will be asked to return any restricted items to your vehicle. Please arrive dressed in cap and gown. 

What should I wear underneath the gown?

DO:  Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing underneath the gown.

DO:  Wear clothes that have pockets to carry essential valuables.

DO:  Dress in formal or business professional dark clothing.

DON'T: Wear blue jeans, tennis shoes, or flip flops.

For women – dress, skirt, dress pants, etc.

For men – collared shirt, tie, dress pants, etc.

What can I bring with me to the Commencement Ceremony?

DO:  Bring your gown, cap, and tassel. Cell phones are permitted but should remain on silent and in your pocket.

DON'T: Bring belongings such as a purse, camera, backpack, etc. Leave them at home, in your vehicle, or with your family or friends.

How do I wear my cap?

DO:  Wear your cap so that the mortarboard is level and parallel to the ceiling.

DON'T:  Tip your cap to the back or the side of the head.

DO:  Place the crown of the cap approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows and approximately 1-1 ½ inches above each ear. Use bobby pins if necessary to secure the cap in place.

The front of the cap has a flat edge and the back has a pointed edge. There will also be an indicator on the inside of the cap to show which side is the front or back.

How do I wear the tassel?

DO:  Wear your tassel on the right front side. When the cap is in the correct position on the head, the tassel will hang off the right front cap edge.

DON'T:  Don't allow tassels to hang off the back of the cap.  All graduates must wear the tassel on the same side.

During the ceremony the graduates will be instructed to move their tassels to the left to signify the conferring of the degree/certificate.