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NetMail Is Going Away at End of Semester

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

Do you have a DCCCD NetMail account? Be prepared: NetMail is going away when the Spring semester ends.

NetMail is being replaced as the official email service of DCCCD by Microsoft Outlook. If you have a NetMail account, you can still use it for now, but new accounts are not being created. On May 14, which is the end of the Spring semester, you no longer will have access to your NetMail account.

Note: Your NetMail emails will not be automatically transferred to your new Microsoft Outlook account. If you have email messages stored in your NetMail account, be sure to forward them to a more permanent email account. If you don't, the messages will be lost once NetMail goes away.

Introducing DCCCD Student Email

To replace NetMail, the district is providing all students, both credit and noncredit, with Microsoft Outlook email. We're calling it DCCCD Student Email. 

You can sign up now for DCCCD Student Email. The new email is part of the free Microsoft Office 365 software that the district also is providing to you. All students (and employees) get free Microsoft Office 365 software. Office 365 includes Outlook email, an online calendar, the Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more) and OneDrive document storage.

How do you sign up for DCCCD Student Email? Your first step is to install Office 365 on your computer or mobile device.

Install Office 365 now.

If you don't want to install Office 365 now to get started with DCCCD Student Email, that's OK. You will be assigned a free email account when you register for classes. Each student will have his or her own unique email address. 

Why You Should Sign Up Now

Why take the time to sign up now? If your professors communicated with you via NetMail, they soon will be communicating through your DCCCD Student Email instead.

Plus, eventually all official messages from your college or DCCCD will be sent to your DCCCD Student Email account. You won't want to miss important official communication regarding financial aid, registration or important dates.

So install Office 365 and get started with DCCCD Student Email!