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Night Owls: We Have Midnight Classes

This article appeared in a 2015 issue of the student newsletter.

Do you do your best thinking late at night? If so, the new "Midnight Classes" offered by North Lake College might be a good fit for you.

Offered from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., Midnight Classes are designed to help students with inflexible work schedules, children at home or a unique internal clock.

"If you're working the second shift at your job, that should not stop you from continuing your education," explains Continuing Education Coordinator Russel Braga.

Midnight Class Offerings

Fall registration is open for Midnight Classes through North Lake College Continuing Education. 

The first pilot classes include: 

  1. Midnight GED
  2. Midnight QuickBooks
  3. Midnight Excel for Warehouse Management/Inventory

    "We selected these classes first because we have heard from students who are looking for those classes but are unable to make the current scheduled times," says Braga.

    If the pilot program is a success, North Lake hopes to offer more Midnight Classes, including both credit and noncredit options.

    Concerned about safety? Midnight classes are held right across the hallway from the North Lake  College Police Department. Officers are also happy to escort students to and from their vehicles.

    To learn more about Midnight Classes, visit the North Lake College blog