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Alumni Spotlight: Giovanni Escobedo

This article appeared in a March 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

From dishwasher to doctor-in-training, Giovanni Escobedo is determined to make his dreams come true. A graduate of El Centro College, Giovanni is currently a biomedical engineering student at UTD with his sights set on med school. Will he make it? His attitude and hard work say yes. 


In their biomedical engineering program.

I decided to enroll in their fast track program, in their undergrad and master's degree program.

So, when you do that it will take about three years to finish after you transfer from community college.

After graduating from UTD with my master's in biomedical engineering, i want to go to medical school and get in the M.D. Ph.d. program.

So, after I finish that I want to be a research doctor and work in prosthetic development and gene therapy.

I've always said that my biggest accomplishment in life will be not giving up.

It will not be the day i graduate, the day i become a doctor, it will not be any of that,

It will be not giving up ... Because I've had hundreds of opportunities to just give up.

I don't want to settle, I don't want to just say one day, "When I was young, I had this dream and that's all it was."