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Crowdfund With USEED@DCCCD

This article appeared in a March 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

From Kickstarter to GoFundMe, today's crowdfunding sites are a popular choice for fundraising. They allow people to raise monies — whether for a neighborhood park or a honeymoon vacation — through online collaboration.

Introducing USEED

Joining the national trend, DCCCD students and employees now have a crowdfunding platform to raise money for college clubs, groups or programs. It is called USEED.

In a partnership with the DCCCD Foundation, USEED is one of the top crowdfunding platforms for higher education. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, USEED allows fundraisers to keep all of their funds raised (even if the project doesn't meet its final goal). Also, USEED trains users on how to be an effective fundraiser.

"Statistically 90% of fundraising projects fail because groups don't do the legwork first," explains Suzanne Bristol, director of development for the DCCCD Foundation. "USEED trains fundraising teams so they have a strong launch. They go over what's needed to get their fundraising web page live and running, including web copy, a project video, etc."

Fundraise for Your Club, Group or Program​

Do you need to raise money for a college club, group or program?

USEED@DCCCD can help.

The fundraising platform has email templates, social media sharing capabilities, easy online payment options and team trainings. It also has a great success rate.

"Our first USEED@DCCCD project was 21% funded by 38 supporters in the first three days alone," says Bristol. "And it will continue for 30 days. It is a community-led project for a new garden at Brookhaven College, submitted by Sustainable Brookhaven"

Get Started Today

Ready to fundraise? Visit to learn more and get started.

The entire process is broken down so you know what to expect:

  1. Submit an Application. The fundraising process begins when your interested group, student organization or athletic team submits an application to USEED.
  2. Wait for Review. USEED will review your team's application to see if your fundraiser fits the district's mission, has significant leadership in place and the goal is reasonable. 
  3. Go Interview. Each team (typically 5-8 students on average) attends a 45 minute interview with USEED where USEED will determine the viability of the project. Do you have team leaders in place? Do your leaders understand what action steps are needed to make the project successful?
  4. Wait for Approval. After a successful team interview, USEED sends your application to the DCCCD Foundation and your college president for approval.
  5. Go Train. After the Foundation and your college president approve your project, USEED will set up a 1 hour training to help you get your fundraising site set up. They will also ask each team member to bring a list of 21 people they are willing to email during your fundraising campaign.
  6. Go Create. Following training, your team will work together to create your project's official fundraising page. Will it include statistics about the "why" behind your goal? Interviews with the people your project will effect? Maybe even a free music download? The sky is the limit!
  7. Submit Your Page. When you submit your final fundraising page, the site is reviewed by USEED who sends the DCCCD Foundation and your college president a final "Launch Report." Once approved, your team can begin your 30 days of fundraising utilizing the USEED platform.