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More Than $700,000 Up for Grabs Until June 1

This article appeared in a May 2016 issue of the student newsletter.

Every year millions of dollars in college scholarships and grants go unclaimed because

  1. students don't know about them, or
  2. students don't take the time to apply

This spring, DCCCD is working to change those statistics with myScholarships, a new online scholarship application system.

Here's how it works:

  1. You fill out one simple (and secure) scholarship application online. This application has 10 questions and takes a few short minutes.
  2. Next, you are then automatically considered for multiple financial awards, including scholarships based on academic excellence, financial need, leadership and achievement, to name a few.

Apply Today

Currently over $700,000 is up for grabs among DCCCD students. That's a lot of money for books and tuition! 

Visit to apply for Fall 2016 scholarship money. The deadline is June 1, 2016. 

Insider tip: Answer the additional supplemental questions to check your eligibility for additional scholarships. Also, check out keyword search to explore the hundreds of scholarships available in the system. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned!