Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

Get Money for Spring 2018 Classes

The below article appeared in an October 2017 issue of the student newsletter.

Want money for your wintermester and/or spring classes? 

The DCCCD Foundation is giving away hundreds of scholarships  to awesome students like you using myScholarships.

Here's how it works: You fill out one simple (and secure) scholarship application online. This takes a few short minutes. You are then automatically considered for multiple financial award opportunities, including scholarships based on academic excellence, financial need, leadership  and achievement, to name a few.

myScholarships Details & Deadlines

To access myScholarships visit foundation.dcccd.edu/scholarships. The application period for Spring 2018 scholarships is Aug.1 - Nov.1, 2017

Insider tip: Answer the additional supplemental questions to check your eligibility for additional scholarships. Also, check out keyword search to explore all the scholarships in the system.

Letters of Recommendation

If you are submitting letters of recommendation with your scholarship application(s), do not wait until the last minute. Give the person recommending you adequate time to write your recommendation letter. 

Translation: email them as soon as possible to ask for their support. Like today!

Contact the DCCCD Foundation 

If you have any questions regarding myScholarship, reach out to Shad Rasco, Senior Director of Operations, at srasco@dcccd.edu  or 214-378-1532. You can also contact the DCCCD Foundation directly at 214-378-1531.  

Happy scholarship-hunting!