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Last Minute Registration Rundown

This article appeared in a January 2018 issue of the student newsletter. 

Don't get left on the sidelines by missing the registration deadline! The deadline is Wednesday, Jan. 10, but there are plenty of ways for you to take care of your registration quickly. 

  • Register in person at the college you plan on attending. When you take care of everything in person, you'll get comprehensive info on course prerequisites, degree options and tuition costs.
  • Of course, you can also register online with eConnect. Check out class schedules to lay out everything the way you want to.

Other Options 

If things don't work out and you can't register by the 10th, you can still take classes during the spring. 

The Jan. 10 deadline is to register for regular, semester-length classes. But you can register anytime you want for Flex Term classes. 

Flex classes are open for registration year-round, and the classes last for various lengths of time. Registering for Flex Term classes also gives you more freedom over your schedule if you think regular classes aren't right for you. 

Regardless of how you decide to register, DCCCD gives you all the options you need to make this a successful semester! View all the Flex Term classes for Spring 2018, or view listings by start date. Classes begin in January, February, March and April.