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College Is Getting Easier April 3

Have you ever felt confused when trying to select the correct classes to take in your program?

Completed a full course only to later find out it did not count toward your degree?

Or maybe you changed your program of study after realizing it was not well-suited for you (and pushed back graduation by months, or even years)?

Perhaps you heard different views/opinions regarding program requirements?

It's frustrating.

And we’re doing something about it.

What Students Want

In 2016, DCCCD carried out a districtwide research study to see what it was like to be a student at a Dallas Community College. This districtwide research included students sharing their experiences with admissions, advising, financial aid, and much more. 

One major finding: students have a challenging time navigating our colleges and crave more consistency – especially if they are taking classes at two or more colleges within the DCCCD. 

To give students what they want (and need), we started by redesigning websites in 2017. And this year, we’re re-designing the student experience. To better help students enter one of our seven colleges and progress through them.

Introducing Guided Pathways

Starting April 3, students will have access to a clear, concise map that takes them through each step of their college journey and helps them smoothly transition to a four-year school or enter the job market.

It’s called a Guided Pathway. And you’ll get the full details of what it looks like (and exactly who it's for) in the next student newsletter, coming to your email inbox April 3.

Right now, know that:

Guided pathways are the result of hundreds of faculty and staff, spending hundreds of hours, to bring you maps to help you navigate your journey, to meet one goal:

To help you complete a credential that allows you to earn a living wage and build a career.

We’re excited for you (and future students like you!) to be able to use these new maps, and we will be working diligently on creating maps for all our programs in the months ahead.

Stay Tuned

Spring has sprung (so don’t fall behind)! Mark your calendars for the Guided Pathways website – complete with all the exciting details – April 3rd. 

You can also start planning for summer and fall classes on April 3rd because the updated Browsable Class Schedule will go live! The improved schedule will have a fresh look and feel plus new, student-friendly features for all your class-browsing needs. Registration for current students begins April 17th! 

Lots of great things are happening at the colleges of DCCCD!