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Apply for a 2020 Study Abroad Trip

This article appeared in the Oct. 22, 2019, issue of the student newsletter.

If you've ever thought about studying in a foreign country to make yourself marketable to future employers, then you should consider applying for one of DCCCD's study abroad  programs in 2020. 

Next year, the colleges of DCCCD will offer trips throughout the spring and summer to: 

  • Costa Rica: March 13-22 — Biology
  • Galapagos Islands: May 11-19 — Environmental Studies
  • Costa Rica: May 16-30 — Biology
  • United Kingdom: May 19-26 — Staff Only
  • Japan: May 22-31 — Japanese Language
  • Europe: May 22-June 3 — Philosophy
  • Global Citizenship Alliance (GCA) Seminar in Austria: May 24-31
  • France: May 27-June 2 — French Language
  • Japan: June 2020 — Marine Biology
  • Canada: June 21-29 — Staff Only
  • Costa Rica: Aug. 1-9 — Microbiology
  • France: Summer 2020 

Regardless of which college you attend, you're eligible to apply for any trip offered through any DCCCD college. 

"Yeah, so if you're at Richland and Brookhaven's offering a trip, you can go," said Dr. Grant Sisk, Global Programming and Relations. "And also, students attending colleges in the North Texas Consortium of Colleges and Universities can attend as well. So, SMU, UNT, anybody." 

Although there are some requirements, getting accepted depends on GPA (the minimum for most trips is a 2.0 or a 2.5) and in some cases, such as Nursing, some program-specific requirements. You must also have a passport with at least six months validity after the beginning of your trip. International students can also participate in study abroad.

Although it varies for every trip, students will typically get academic credit for the going on a study abroad trip. The price you see on each page includes the cost of the program, lodging, in-country travel and insurance. If the price doesn't include air travel, it's specified on the page. 

Typically, each trip is based around a specific DCCCD academic program, though there are exceptions, such as the GCA seminar in Austria. 

Eastfield will also host an International Engagement and Study Abroad forum on Oct. 22 for you to get more information about the 2020 trips. 


The Global Citizenship Program invites applications from DCCCD students to participate in the Global Citizenship Seminar for Students. 

"GCA is an opportunity for domestic students to receive an international experience free of charge," said Rosana Martinez, project manager for Global Programming and Relations. "To attend, students must be Phi Theta Kappa eligible or willing to join PTK." 

Students will need to meet certain requirements to participate.

Check out the available trips, pick out the one that's right for you and apply today. 

You can get application information either by contacting the instructor leading the trip you want to attend or by contacting Dr. Grant Sisk at