Issue 47: Get Financial Aid? Process Has Changed — Dec. 9, 2010

      • Can’t Register Online? Find Out Why
    • Loans and Financial Aid: Understand the New Process
    • Important Dates in December and January
    • DCCCD Gives You Options to Save Money on Textbooks 
    • Get Discounts to Mavs, Stars Games and More
    • Could Firefighting Be in Your Future?

    Issue 46: Survey Could Win You an iPod — Nov. 15, 2010

    • Registration Starts Tomorrow for Spring, Winter Terms
    • Focus Your Mind on These 10 Handy Study Tips
    • Take Our Online Survey — You Could Win an iPod!
    • Plan Ahead: Tuition Rate Increasing $4 per Credit Hour
    • Knowing ISBN Can Give You Start on Best Textbook Prices
    • Want a Career in Computers? Check Out CIT
    • Student Success Story: Tommy Alsbrooks
    • Issue 45 — Special Issue: Late Registration Being Phased Out — Nov. 10, 2010

    No Late Registration for New Students and Those Not in Good Academic Standing

    Issue 44 — Special Issue: Pre-Core Requirements: Computer Literacy — Nov. 3, 2010

    • Pre-Core Requirements: What You Need to Know About Computer Literacy

    Issue 43: Be Smart: See an Advisor Early — Oct. 18, 2010

    • Save Time, Avoid Mistakes — Meet With an Advisor
  • DCCCD’s Dallas Stars Fall Kickoff – That’s the Ticket!
  • Apply Now for Faculty Association Scholarship
  • Get Your Hands Around Your Future With Diesel Tech
  • Student Success Story: Anthony Eaton
  • Prep for Global Business Exam at Richland
  • Issue 42: Get Free DCCCD Emergency Alerts — Sep. 22, 2010

    • Questions You Asked Us on FAQs, Facebook and Twitter
    • Sign Up Now for Free Emergency Alerts
    • Apply Now for DCCCD Retirees Association Scholarship
    • Check Out Website Changes
    • Multimedia Tech Clues You in on Digital World
    • Student Success Story: Uyen Vo

    Issue 41: Check Out Jobs at Career Fair — Aug. 12, 2010

    • Not in Good Academic Standing? Be Sure to Register Early
    • Service-Learning: Good for You and Your Community
    • Explore Jobs at Our Career Fairs
    • A Career Path for Visual People
    • Student Success Story: Christine Fox

    Issue 40: Stand Out in Scholarship Hunt — July 19, 2010

    • See Your Fellow Students in DCCCD Ads
    • How to Stand Out When Seeking Scholarships
    • There’s $$$ for Science, Technology, Engineering or Math Students
    • Make a Smart Decision — Join Phi Theta Kappa
    • Don’t Let Copyright Issues Confuse You
    • Like Cars? You’ll Like Auto Body Tech
    • Student Success Story: Marcus Godinez 

    Issue 39: Save Money: Rent Your Textbooks — June 14, 2010

    • Register Early for Fall — It’s the Best Course!
    • Pre-Core Requirements: What You Should Know 
    • Save Money by Renting Your Textbooks 
    • Get Tested, Get in Free to Hip Hop for HIV Concert
    • Open the Door to a Career in Real Estate 
    • Student Success Story: Arti Desai

    Issue 38: Libraries Make Research Easy — May 14, 2010

    • Our Libraries Can Help You in Surprising Ways
    • Check Out These Scholarships
    • Looking to Transfer? Here’s Some Help
    • Starting a Business? We Can Help
    • Student Success Story: Chaquilla Stewart 

    Issue 37: Visit Universities From Your Computer — April 16, 2010

    • Need Tutoring Help? Just Drop In
    • Visit Universities From Your Computer
    • Register Now for May and Summer Credit Classes
    • Scholarships Available for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Students Who Want to Teach
    • Moving on? Here’s How to Request a Transcript
    • Let Engine Technology Drive Your Career
    • Student Success Story: Ronnie Sunker 

    Issue 36: New Core Curriculum Launching Soon — March 22, 2010

    • The New Core: Helping You Succeed in Life
    • Get Set to Apply for Financial Aid
    • Career Fairs Arriving in March and April
    • Like to Take Charge? Try Construction Management
    • Student Success Story: Joan Ui`lani Meeks

    Issue 35: Want Alerts About Campus Closings? — Feb. 12, 2010

    • Sign Up Now for Free Emergency Alerts
    • Media Use Survey May Surprise You
    • Spring Break, Other Closing Dates in March
    • Flex Term Classes Fit Your Schedule
    • Get Info About Transferring to a 4-Year College
    • A Growing Career in Environmental Systems 

    Issue 34: Get Fit at Our Facilities — Jan. 20, 2010

    • Exercise Your Right to Get Fit at College Facilities 
    • It’s Free and Fun: the African American Read-In 
    • Create Secure Computer Passwords the Easy Way 
    • Community Colleges Growing Even More Popular 
    • Fly Into New Career: Enroll in Aviation Tech 
    • Student Success Story: Arthur Atchison