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myPortal FAQs

How do I log in?

Visit from any Internet-enabled browser and log in with your student ID number and the same password you use to sign on to eConnect.

Will myPortal replace the district tools I already use — like eConnect or eCampus?

No, myPortal is not intended to replace any existing district tools. myPortal is an additional service that will provide you access to many of the district tools and resources you’re already using from a single website. With myPortal, you’ll be able to access these tools securely on campus, at home or while traveling — anywhere you have access to a Web browser.

Why should I use myPortal?

Initially, myPortal will be a place to find news and announcements targeted to you, as well as links to districtwide services you already use like eCampus and eConnect. As new services are added, you will also be able to view your student email and class schedule and use Team Sites for collaborating with your student groups and organizations.

Will we need special training to use myPortal?

Most users won’t need to attend special training. How-to videos on the site will guide you through the most common uses. In addition, because myPortal is built using Microsoft’s SharePoint Services, guides on how to use many of the features within myPortal can be found with a quick Internet search.

What is a Constituency Site?

A Constituency Site is the main page you see after logging in. myPortal currently has three constituencies: students, faculty and employees. It gives you access to information and services that are targeted to your role in the organization:

  • Important notifications and announcements
  • News and events
  • Links to frequently used websites and Web services
  • Weather
  • Your Outlook calendar (coming soon)
  • Your Outlook email (coming soon)
  • Your Team Sites (coming soon)

What is a Team Site?

A Team Site is a specialized site within myPortal that provides a central place for storage of and collaboration on documents, as well as shared discussions, information, calendars and more. Team Sites will allow members of groups to collaborate in a secure environment, accessible on most any Internet-enabled device.

Will I be able to access the portal from home?

Yes! The portal is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, meaning you’ll be able to access myPortal services on most Internet-enabled devices from anywhere in the world.

Why do many of the Student Information Sites link back to the district website or pull information from the district website into myPortal?

We provide that information as a convenience for our students so they don’t have to toggle back and forth between two websites.

  • External information is hosted on the district website.
  • Internal-only information is hosted on myPortal.
  • Information needed by both external and internal audiences is hosted on the district website. Why? We don’t want to duplicate our efforts or run the risk of publishing inconsistent or outdated content (by updating one and forgetting to update the other).

Who can publish announcements, news and events on myPortal?

To publish announcements, news or events in the College Announcements, News and Events sections, contact your college’s Marketing Office.