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Student Resource Center

The North Lake College Student Resource Center provides student access to current technology including computers, software, email and internet. Teacher reserves and reference textbooks may be checked out for review. A student ID is required for using the Student Resource Center and may be obtained in L240. Student ID is also required to check out media items.
  • Software: Windows 10 (some with CD burners), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office Suite 2013, and Windows Movie Maker
  • Media: Telecourse CDs/DVDs (semester checkout), movies and media items (three-day checkout)
  • Equipment: fax machine, photocopy machines, scanner

Computer Printing and Photocopies

Computer printing and photocopies may be made for 10¢ per page. Both computer pay-per-print and photocopying require the creation of a "copy account" with a $1.00 minimum balance. Machines will accept bills only – NO coins. The machines do not give refunds.

Tutoring & Assistance

One-on-one help is available to any student requesting assistance. Tutoring is available for several courses.
Assistance with Microsoft Office Suite is available in T225.

Other Services

Student IDs & Parking Decals are both issued in the Student Resource Center.