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DCCCD Police

Press the button below to dial DCCCD Campus Police

Other ways to contact DCCCD Campus Police:

  • Call 911 from a campus phone
  • Call ​​972-860-4290 when using a cellphone or non-campus phone

Useful Links

Install this web app on your home screen:

For Safari (iPhone)

  • Open Safari and press the Bookmark icon
  • Select "Add to Home Screen"
  • Add your preferred title on the next screen and then click Add

For Android

NOTE: Android instructions may vary per manufacturer. Please refer to your phone's manufacturer if these instructions do not match your experience.

  • In your default Android browser, select settings (the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen)
  • Select the plus symbol (+)
  • Select Add to Home screen in the pop-up window​​​​​​​