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If you receive a bomb threat by telephone:

If you receive a bomb threat through another method:

  • If the bomb threat is handwritten, do not touch the object it was written on.
  • If message is electronic in nature, do not delete. Do not forward unless instructed by authorities.
  • Perform a quick search of your area to identify suspicious or unfamiliar packages or items.
  • Do not touch any suspected item.

In all the above incidents, call 911 on a college or district service location phone. If a college/district phone is not available, use any available phone and dial District Central Dispatch at 972-860-4290.

Finding a Suspected Bomb

  • Do not pull a fire alarm.
  • Do not touch the suspected bomb.
  • Leave the immediate area and inform others in your area as you exit.
  • If it is safe to do so, take your personal belongings. Position the items so they are secure but quickly accessible.
  • Do not turn on or use a cell phone in the area of the suspected bomb.
  • Call 911 away from the suspected bomb.