Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time and employees are working remotely.
Please visit for additional information and to find contact information for various departments.
If you need additional assistance, please visit My Community Services and our Community Employment Resources.

​Incident Commander (IC): The one person in charge during an emergency. The Incident Commander will be the most qualified content expert present for the incident.

College Emergency Response Team (CERT): District employees who have volunteered and received emergency management training. CERT members convey instructions from the IC and operate under the authority of the location’s chief executive officer.

Intruder Lockdown: Immediate threat at location. Person(s) at location intent on causing harm to others. If not at location, stay clear.

Police Activity Lockdown: Potential threat near the location (example: robbery suspect being chased by police in area). If not at location, stay clear.

Severe Weather Warning: Immediate threat of severe weather that requires taking immediate cover (example: tornado spotted in location’s area).

Shelter-in-Place: Immediate threat of a “noncriminal” nature  (examples: hazardous spill outside; gas leak in area; chemical, biological and radiological).

Emergency Evacuation: Incident requiring evacuation of the building (example: confirmed or suspected bomb in the building).

Campus Closing: Location closing due to weather, power outage, water main break, etc. To find out if a campus is closed, check the college website, social media or local news on TV.

Inclement Weather: District and campuses closing due to weather.

All Clear: This message is sent when the emergency condition is over. Threat or condition no longer exists.