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Building Emergency Procedures


Evacuations are signaled by a high-pitched continuous buzzer followed by automated verbal commands. Evacuations could be necessary in case of fire or bomb threat. 
  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Walk at least 300 feet away from the building. Staff will designate assembly areas. 
  • Do not use elevators.

In fire evacuations, leave your belongings so that you can exit the building as quickly as possible. In a bomb threat situation, take your belongings but do NOT use cell phones or electronic devices.

Tornado or Weather Emergencies

Tornadoes or other exterior hazards are signaled by a series of repetitive beeps, followed by verbal instructions given by NLC police over the intercom system.
  • Go to a designated emergency shelter inside the campus immediately. If you cannot reach a shelter, move to an interior room with as few outside walls and windows as possible.
  • Do not leave the building!
  • Remain in place until police give an "all clear" signal.

Emergency Shelters

The following rooms have been designated as emergency shelters for interior evacuation.

Central Campus

  • Building A: A206, A214, A215, A221, A241, A242, A251, A345,
    A347, A349, A351, A353, A368, A372
  • Building C: C224, C225, C227, C232, C250, C252
  • Building F: F102, F117
  • Building G: G303, G304, G308, lower level hallway, G320, G402, G404, G405, G406
  • Building L: L131, L132, L134, L136, L138
  • Building P: P213, P235, P239, P249, P250
  • Building T: T148, T158, T159, T161, T164

North Campus

Use Men's and Women's restrooms located in each wing of the campus.

South Campus

Use Men's and Women's restrooms and the break area in front of the police department.

Lockdowns and Lockouts

Lockdowns take place when a safety threat, such as a violent suspect, is inside a North Lake building.
  • Enter the nearest room and lock the door. Lock all classroom and office doors.
  • Turn off lights, avoid windows, and silence cell phones to be as effectively hidden as possible.
  • If gunshots are heard, barricade doors and prepare improvised defense weapons.
Lockouts take place when a safety threat is near a North Lake campus, such as a suspect on the run from Irving police.
  • Stay inside or head inside as quickly as possible. Do not leave the building!
  • Do not open any doors for any strangers outside.
  • Stay away from windows and glass doors.

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