Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Find Your On-Campus College Health Center

The North Lake College Health Center is a multi-purpose facility that promotes basic health, wellness and preventive care for the college community.

Registered nurses coordinate and provide the health services, which include:
  • First aid for accident, injury or illness;
  • Health information and brochures;
  • Some over-the-counter (non-prescription) medicines such as Tylenol, aspirin and antacids;
  • Referral information for community health services;
  • Selected health education and screening programs;
  • Confidential health counseling; and
  • A rest area.

Health services are available to current students and staff. You do not need to be sick to come to the Health Center. Health questions and concerns are welcome. Students with chronic health problems should visit the Health Center to discuss any special concerns with the nurse before attending classes or whenever problems arise. No information about your health will be released without your written permission unless it is required by law.

During flu season, Facilities disinfects and sanitizes common surfaces, like doorknobs and handles. Hand sanitizer stations are located in many public areas and hallways for your use.

We recommend that all prospective students have adequate immunization for bacterial meningitis, diphtheria, rubeola, rubella, mumps, tetanus and poliomyelitis (See the Texas Department of Health's Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule).