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Student Life

Welcome to Student Life

Campus Activities, Programs and Student Engagement

The Office of Student Life provides a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development — in and out of the classroom. Co-curricular programs and services range from culture and leadership to service and athletics. These activities make the college experience more than a collection of courses and grades; it’s also a time to create lifelong friendships and have new experiences.

Let’s Get Started

The Student Handbook includes valuable information that will make your experience as a student more meaningful and productive. You will find resources and essential services to help you find what you need, when you need it. It also includes policies and procedures that outline your rights and responsibilities as a student.

The Student Code of Conduct serves as a standard for behavior to ensure a safe and healthy learning experience for all. The Student Complaints Policy is a resource that will help you address concerns or complaints you may have along your student journey.

Get Involved

Students who get involved in groups or volunteer in the community will tell you it is worth making time for these activities. By combining the skills you learn through co-curricular involvement and your classwork, you will be better prepared to enjoy college, develop your potential and get that job.

So be a student government leader, join the Phi Theta Kappa honor society or join a club. Participate in the wide array of online activities we have planned for you. Most important, stay connected with your faculty, the staff and other students. We are a community, and together we can help you reach your educational and career goals.

​North Lake offers a variety of culturally diverse programs and services to help get you involved in campus life and provide you an opportunity to see, hear, and meet artists, musicians, writers, performers and motivational speakers.

Slife_athletics.jpg Blazer Athletics

North Lake College competes within the Metro Athletic Conference under NCJAA - Division III, and offers opportunities to watch or participate in men's baseball and basketball, and women's soccer and volleyball.

Slife_organizations.jpg Student Clubs & Organizations

North Lake has a variety of student clubs and nationally-recognized honor societies, as well as an active Student Government Association.

Slife_government.jpg Student Government

North Lake College's Student Government Association was created in order to represent, communicate with, act upon, and ensure student rights and needs, concerns, and social well-being to the administration as well as to the District offices in order to make a difference and build a stronger education institution and community.

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