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Clubs & Organizations

If you have questions about any of the Clubs and/or Organizations, please contact Adrianne Settles at 972-273-3597.

African Students Union
ASU promotes unity among African students at North Lake and in the local community, and promotes fellowship, leadership, and service among ASU members.
Contact: Willie Kamara, wkamara@dcccd.edu or (972) 273-3286.

Anime Club
For those who enjoy Japanese and other forms of creative animation.
Contact: animeclub.nlc@gmail.com

Baptist Student Ministry
BSM is a place to hear about Christianity get questions about it answered. Christians and non-Christians are welcome to come and learn and discuss.
Contact: nlc.bsm@gmail.com

Blazer Ambassadors
The Blazer Ambassadors is a club that promotes goodwill on campus and participates in philanthropic activities, such as the Blazer Student Store, the Santa Bucks program, and various other fundraisers that benefit student life.
Contact: nlc.ambassadors@gmail.com or call (972) 273-3171

Blazer Ambassadors, South Campus
Student leadership organization that sustains the culture of South Campus and creates interaction between the campus and the community.
Requirements: Enroll in at least one South Campus course and complete 20 hours of campus/community service per year.
Contact: Laura Dunmore or Jose Alfaro
Blazer Ambassadors, North Campus
Student leadership organization that sustains the culture of North Campus and creates interaction between the campus and the community.
Requirements: Enroll in at least one North Campus course and complete 20 hours of campus/community service per year.
Contact: Brock Little
The mission of this organization is to create active communities dedicated to personal development and social impact through discussion and application of our core values. This mission will be fulfilled through practicing the Five Core Life Principles: Spirituality, Relationships, Value, Integrity, and Purpose; and the Five Core Leadership Skills: Teamwork, Organization, Public Speaking, Goal Setting, and Mentoring.
Contact: Tracie Hernandez, thernandez@dcccd.edu or (972) 273-3278

Christians on Campus
Christians on Campus meets for the growth and mutual encouragement in the Christian life through campus Bible studies, prayer and group gatherings.
Contact: christiansoncampusnlc@gmail.com, visit the website, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Drama Club
To better its members both as actors of North Lake College and other theatres, as well as members of society. Open to students who have been in a production within the past two years or is currently enrolled in any Drama class.
Contact: Alice Butler, James Gammell, John Moseley, or call (972) 273-3568.

G.R.E.E.N (Environmental) Club
Foster sustainable living skills for all students, staff and faculty; cultivate awareness of personal habits and change them as needed to live sustainably.
Contact: Monica Atwell and nlc.environmentalclub@gmail.com
Enactus is an international organization that works with leaders in business to mobilize students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Students form teams and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Open to all students in business, economics, and related disciplines. Students must be in good academic standing.
Contact Uzo Agulefo: agulefo@dcccd.edu

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
The Gay-Straight Alliance is a club open to all students. We focus on promoting community service as well as equality for College LGBTQ Community.
Contact: northlake.pride@gmail.com or facebook.com/groups/NorthLakePride

International Club
To encourage cultural exchange between students from all walks of life. We will meet to learn about other people's cultures and also to plan events to expose the greater campus to International culture.
Contact: nlc.internationalclub@dcccd.edu, call (972) 273-3385 or visit us in room A418
Jazz Club
Promote Jazz at NLC and raise funds for scholarships and promotional items. Open to students enrolled in the NLC Jazz Ensemble.
Contact: nlcmusicforlife@gmail.com or call (469)213-4742

Journalism Club
Open to all students interested in writing for the school's award-winning newspaper, the News-Register, and promoting college and community projects sponsored by the newspaper.
Contact: news-register@dcccd.edu, call (972) 273-3498 or visit us in room A234

Muslim Student Association
Our goal as a group is to inspire a positive influence of who we are as people. Following the word of Islam, we will spread the knowledge of its true beliefs and customs to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Contact Sherry Boyd: sboyd@dcccd.edu
Philosophy Club
The Philosophy Club is composed of members of the North Lake College academic community who are interested in philosophy and come together to learn about philosophical topics of interest through informal discussion, thereby providing opportunities for informal philosophical and personal exchange among students, faculty, and administrators and encouraging a professional and friendly spirit among those who have exhibited interest and ability in philosophy. We meet once a week on the central campus for one hour. Some of our past topics have included Freedom, God, Death, Beauty, Love, and Friendship.
Contact: philosophyclubnlc@gmail.com or faculty advisor Douglas Howie
Photography Club
To unite NLC photographers into a cohesive unit for peer discussion and review of photographic arts.
Contact: nlc.photographyclub@gmail.com, call (972) 273-3560 or visit us in room A238

Rising Star Club
Designed to assign students who are members of the Rising Star Program to network with the North Lake student body as well as develop leadership skills.
Contact: nlc.risingstarclub@gmail.com, call (927) 273-3325 or visit us in room A428C

SFF Epic Club
SFF Epic is an acronym for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Education. The purpose of this club is to bring people together through our love of all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy, whether that be Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. Membership is open to all.
Contact: Christian Amundsen, camundsen@dcccd.edu or (972) 273-3546

Student Veterans' Association
North Lake College's Student Veterans' Association seeks to fulfill three goals: provide veterans a place to connect with each other, encourage campus involvement, and reach out to serve the community.
Contact: visit the Facebook page, email northlakesva@gmail.com or faculty advisor Hillary Gallego, hgallego@dcccd.edu or (972) 273-3480

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote student engagement among TRiO SSS students through  community service opportunities, leadership training, club activities, and bi-weekly meetings
Contact: nlc.trio@gmail.com or call (972) 273-3150 or visit us in room A413

Video Club
A video and film production club for students in the Video Technology program. Our aim is to help students find internships and employment opportunities in the video production industry, and also assist students with creating their own artistic projects. Open to everyone.
Contact: nlcvideoclub@gmail.com or call (972) 273-3571

W.E.O.T.A. (We Expose Ourselves To Art) Art Club
Designed to promote the visual arts at North Lake College and to encourage students to participate in art-related activities. Open to any students enrolled in art classes or any NLC student interested in art.
Contact: weotanorthlake@gmail.com or call (972) 273-3577