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Service Learning Policies

​Service Learning credit requires behaviors that include a commitment to timeliness, responsibility and cooperation, and above average writing and speaking skills, as well as an attitude of respect for colleagues and mentors (instructors are mentors!).

Course Policies/Requirements

Attendance, engagement and respectful participation with the Service Learning Agencies are essential. The effort you put forth in and out of class is a strong indication of your commitment and professionalism. Tardiness and leaving early are distracting and disrupt your service learning experience/agency.
Completion of all assignments by the due date listed on the syllabus is a requirement. Late applications for enrollment forms, time sheets and final reflection evaluations must be turned in on or before deadlines. Only with the permission of the instructor, and/or your campus coordinator, will these forms be accepted past the deadline. Full Credit Points will be awarded or deducted on the basis of completion of these syllabi requirements.
Keep a copy of all (3) forms/work documents that you turn in.
The Service Learning Coordinator reserves the right to make changes in the syllabus and/or office hours as deemed necessary. When possible you will be notified of changes; please stop by room C-206 and a note will be posted on the door.

Service Learning Policies

Evaluation Criteria:

Final numerical valuations (total points given) relating to letter grade will vary depending on your individual instructor.

Medical Reimbursement

DCCCD students will be responsible for their own transportation, meals and health care while participating in the field-based program. Students will be responsible for any expenses incurred in conjunction with injuries that may occur during field-based classes/components. The DCCCD District will not reimburse the student for any expenses related to the Service Learning program, including injuries or illnesses.

Criminal Record Check

Depending on the school or agency participating in Service Learning, NLC students may be required to complete a Criminal Record (Background) Check (CRC) form. The CRC form should be completed during the first 2 weeks of classes (see website for the DCCCD Service Learning timetable for the current semester) and returned to the Service Learning school or agency’s personnel office. Students should be notified of results within 7 days. Contact the participating school or agency for further information. If a CRC form result is rejected, the students must inform their instructor for alternative assignments. Students are responsible for any loss of credit for the class in which they are enrolled.

Maintaining Eligibility

You must follow the syllabus and the appropriate deadlines to receive credit in your academic class.

Credit/Grade Grievance for Non-Completion

You have the responsibility to complete all course requirements on or before all deadlines. Grade grievances must be expressed in writing first with your course instructor, then to the Service Learning Coordinator.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are a student who requires accommodations in compliance with the ADA, please consult with the Service Learning Coordinator at the beginning of the semester. To prevent discrimination, the coordinator is required by law to provide “reasonable accommodation” to students with disabilities.Your responsibility is to inform the coordinator of the disability at the beginning of the semester and provide documentation authorizing the specific accommodation. Disability Services at North Lake College, located in room A-413, is responsible for verifying authorization and implementing accommodations to ensure equal opportunity in all programs and activities.


As a courtesy to your agency, please turn off all electronic devices such as cell phones and pagers while at the Service Agency.